Push Up Sports Legging - Yellow Edition - Trends It Now
Push Up Sports Legging - Yellow Edition - Trends It Now
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Push Up Sports Legging - Yellow Edition

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''Workout is Therapy''

People now a days want to look fit even they have a tummy. Everyone wants to work out but these sports trousers wont give them any luxury. Their performance lag. 

This Legging is designed to be very extensible and breathable. Extremely light and soft, our push up, high waist legging will make you love your physique! 

These hip lift leggings are high waist oriented. The back pleats are designed to gently press down the hips to increase volume. Shape your curves, streamline the natural shape, special wrinkle process, better gathering effect. They will help you with your cellulite as well as the sweat you're producing when exercising in these.

Many people were experiencing a higher performance due to the shape enhancement these leggings provide as well as a better breathing mechanism thanks to the fact that they are stitched in a honeycombed way.

Size Guide 

Materials: Polyester & Spandex

Our Push Up Leggings will make you feel more comfortable with what forms you have as well as feel lighter. Thanks to the Nylon material of the legging, it can expand from 10% to 20%, the Legging is completely lightweight. It helps with sweat absorption, it will help you achieve the maximum comfort and wear resistance. Engineered to improve women's experience when dealing with leggings.

The fabric is mostly made of Nylon which enable the Legging to be quite expandable without loosing any comfort nor tightness. It's perfect for casual wear or for more specific exercises as Yoga, CrossFit or any type of sport.

Our Leggings are Push Up based thanks to the seamless sewing around the clothing. When wearing them, you will feel relaxed and see that our Legging does fit perfectly, with a nice grip, around the Buttocks area, the waist (thanks to the large elastic belt) and for Thighs and Calves.

 Check Out our Frequently Asked Questions for this product: 

Does the Leggings help reduce Cellulite?

It Does! Thanks to the Honeycomb Knitting of our leggings, it has a direct influence on your Cellulite!

Does the Leggings Fit right during the day?

Because of the way the Leggings are designed, no matter the activity you're in, they will always have the right fit!

Are the Leggings and Bra See through?

Definitely not. We do put a lot of importance on your privacy and we assure you that our Products will cover any intimate body part.

Is the Fabric comfortable?

Absolutely. The materials used for the Leggings as well as the Sports Bra are very carefully handpicked to give you the best experience.

We recommend to use this Push Up Legging for different sorts of sports (yoga, CrossFit and at the gym) or even for simple daily use. Please be careful around the instruction on how to wash the piece of clothing. 

Customer Reviews

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Summer Batz

Love it!

Vilma Schoen

Push Up Sports Legging - Yellow Edition

Ernesto Green

Push Up Sports Legging - Yellow Edition

Derrick Dach

Me encantaron, son muy elasticadas y de buen material, no se traslucen, recomendado el producto

Lennie Daniel

The same as the advertising merchandise, but the material is fine, and it's not so Lycra, it makes a few wrinkles